More sustainable menus that are good for business.

We just wanted to let you know about some great successes that food service businesses have been having with IntoFood's menu sustainability solution.

In the restaurant world, Mucho Mas (a popular mexican restaurant in Oslo) have developed a new menu range, measured with IntoFood tools to be both good for the planet and good for their business.  In the first 7 weeks, the sales shift to these new dishes created a climate change saving of 1300kg of greenhouse gases for Mucho Mas.  And their customers loved the new menus!  By the way, 1300kg greenhouse gases is the same as the emissions you would produce by driving 8000km in a car... And Mucho Mas saved this in just 7 weeks.

And in the catering world, a similar story.  Elvebredden Catering used IntoFood's menu sustainability solution to design a new menu tapas range, that had a much lower climate change impact.  Over 4 months, we have seen a shift to this new menu resulting in a 1500kg greenhouse gas saving.  Yep, and that's the same emissions as a lot of km driving a car... 9500km in fact.  And the new menu sales are good for their bottom-line too, giving them a roadmap to build sustainability into their business.  We have now measured all of their menus for climate change impact, so that they can build on this first success.

Proud to be able to use IntoFood technology and business experience to help these food service businesses make a positive difference!